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My original idea for starting a blog was going to be a link compilation where I would make a list of all the cool things I liked that I wanted to share. So, here we go! I will separate them into segments so you can go to the segment you care most about:


  • Lily of the Valley from Animal Crossing – I’ve still been playing Animal Crossing every week! I have 8 or 9 Lily of the Valley flowers on my island and now I’m seriously thinking about making one for each of them….
  • Amigurumi Bodies – These are so cute and great! I have only made a few human-ish bodies that are chibi (from Creepy Cute), and this type of body matches the type of characters I want to make. Too cute!
  • Mosaic Crochet – Beautiful! I think I would like to try mosaic crochet one day, but not this year (still working on my blankets, after all)!
  • Monica’s peephole frame – I love Friends! I might make this for my future apartment…
  • Fire sweater – Another thing that reminds me of Animal Crossing! This looks AMAZING!
  • Baby Yoda crochet kit – One of the things that brought me so much joy in 2020: baby yoda! This kit is just the cutest!!

Fountain Pens & Fountain Pen Ink

  • Diamine inks – This is such a gorgeous look at all the inks Diamine have to offer. I have own or sampled at least 3 of these and I definitely want more… Which one do you think I should get next? 😀
  • Aurora borealis Ink drawing – I LOVE it when people post drawing with fountain pen ink; I think it showcases the ink properties very well in an artistic and visually appealing way. This also reminds me of zendoodles, which I wanted to get into but never did 🙁
  • Sailor Pro Slim Dragon Palace & HG pens! – Dragon Palace is currently my Holy Grail pen! It’s so gorgeous and Sailor is supposed to be a great fountain pen company. One day!!

Journals, Notebooks, & Planners

  • Doodle Diary Flip Thru – Amazing! Something else I’ve always wanted to do but never did, a doodle diary is a nice way of visually showing a portion (or all) of your day instead of writing in your journal. I just need to learn how to draw 😓
  • Kraft Journal Weekly Layout – A clean aesthetic for a weekly overview, this is what I wish I could make my weekly layouts look like!
  • Timelapse of Journal Flip Thru – I love the way this person incorporates color and images in their journal. I want this to be what my art or travel journal looks like!
  • Amanda Gorman’s Poem, written in a journal – Something on my to-do list since the inauguration has been to write the entirety of Amanda Gorman’s poem into my journal. I will bump it up and do that this week!

That is all I have right now, let me know if you liked this type of post or if you would rather have each item as its own post! I like these compilation posts because when I read the description, I’ll get an idea of how much I want to click on the link. All the links will open in a new window, and these ones are all from Reddit 🙂

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Carmen!!! I can’t wait till you make the crocheted Lily of the Valley flowers!! XDDDD I really want to plant those in my garden but I’m not entirely sure they will grow here lol I think it might be too hot T__T


do ettt!! Also I clicked through some of your links that go to the crochet subreddit and THAT WAS A MISTAKE because I want to now learn how to crochet T__T I want to make animal crossing themed sweaters now lololol T__T