Hello, This Is Carmen!

Intro: Who I am, why I’m here

A little about me

I’m Carmen, and I’m here to claim this corner of the internet and have fun with it! I’m a 30-something woman (which means I’m a millennial), living in California, with aspirations of becoming a more creative person. I went to school for graphic design and dabble in making things from time to time.

A little about the blog

The goal for my blog is just to keep it going for the year. Like other bloggers, this is a public extension of my private journal; these are the things I think someone would be interested in reading about, or the things I want to share.

What do I want to talk about?

My journey in 2021 is to push myself creatively and I want my blog to be a record of that journey. I have two big creative goals this year: to crochet one blanket for each month of 2021, and to open an online store for my designs to see where that takes me.

I like to crochet, but I’m not sure what I would be talking about if I were to blog about it. I’m at an intermediate skill level when it comes to crochet, so I don’t think I could add anything new to the conversation. However, I do have a YouTube series called “Chatty Crochet With Me Vlog” where I crochet and talk to you, as if we were having a conversation while crocheting together. I will post transcripts to the blog; the conversations are not always crochet adjacent so it will be minorly about crochet. As I’m writing this, it is the end of January, so I will post a picture of the January blanket, and soon I hope to have my CCWM vlog up with me starting my February blanket (I finished early!).

As for the online store, this is going to be my very first dip into entrepreneurial waters. I’m not sure what I would be blogging about when it comes to the online store. I hope to talk about the challenges and issues I am facing, as well as the perks and benefits I encounter. My goal is to have my store up by the end of March, so I will post more about that as I get going.

So far, there is nothing much to say about the store, except what I plan to sell. I’m a big supporter of building better mental health and a big part of what has helped me, has been journaling. I want to make things that will help the person journaling build foundations for better mental health. The focus will be on journaling, with some items in planning.

I will also incorporate some of my various other interests. Generally, I like things that most people like: food, movies, books, podcasts, and travelling. I’m not a sports person at all, but I do the occasional hike every now and then. I also like games! So many games, including video games, board games, possibly venturing into some tabletop games.

Some of the more niche things I’m interested in include fountain pens and ink; stationery, stickers, and notebooks; and make-up and skincare. I’m a tarot card enthusiast and am interested in astrology and the Chinese zodiac, but I also know it’s all made up and none of it matters. I love to learn, so science facts and random trivia knowledge always get my attention.

Lastly, I’m a huge admirer of art and crafting. All art, from drawing and painting, to photography and architecture. Crafting, to me, is the sibling of art. If you make a nice vase, you have crafted something, and if you work at it long enough, and put artistic license into it, it can become art. Really, anything that is pleasing to the eye I will enjoy and probably want to journal about how it makes me feel.

If any of this post is interesting to you, drop in to the comments and let’s chat!

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