Planner Flip Thru: July 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and welcome to another flip-thru of my Cloth and Paper planner!

Let’s jump straight into my title pages. It’s July! I kinda went crazy with decorating because I realized it was already mid-2021 and I wanted to use up stickers and washi tape that I had in my collection. So it looks like there’s a lot of washi tape and stickers here, but it’s actually not too much. First, at the very top of the left page, I have a single-sticker from a Recollections sticker book, it’s a holiday collection that they discontinued. I really like this color, and it ended up matching the rest of page, so I’m glad it all worked out! I used a bunch of stickers from that collection in this planner at the very beginning of the year; I do try to keep those in mind, but I decorated all my pages a long time ago, so they might not always match up.

Anyway, next is all the washi tape. It was a sample of some washi tape that Sowmya bought from Aliexpress and she gifted me in a happy mail. I like the vaporwave/90s aesthetic, even though I don’t agree with or understand any of the references! These are actually from three different washi tapes. I don’t know the store, sorry!

And lastly, these cute summer stickers are from Target, the dollar section. They’re also a couple years old, so I’m sure they don’t have them anymore. The ones directly above and below the month and the quote, as well as the little ice cream on the left page, are from one sticker collection, and the holographic sun is from another sticker collection.

Next is my monthly goals page. I’m probably going to repeat this a lot during this video, but I didn’t really use my planner this month, so this isn’t really filled out. My workload at work increased, and therefore I wasn’t super motivated to do anything but relax and lounge after work. Anyway, at the top are my goals for my Etsy setup and blog, but I haven’t really done anything with those at this point in time… I did get some good news at the end of July, so it definitely motivated me to step up and get my Etsy up and running. In the middle was an area for brainstorming topics. Again, didn’t get this done, but I intended it to be there so I would keep coming back to it to reference these pages more. At the bottom, I have the pens and inks I used. I’m trying to use up this crappy Ikea gel pen I got, so I’m using that a lot in this planner as of late, especially since I finally finished the Noodlers X-Black that was in my Pilot Kakuno. On the right page are more goals, didn’t get any of those done. And on the very right is a to-do list, again, those remain unchecked.

To break down the two decorations here, I have at the top of the left page another sticker from the Recollections holiday sticker book. And at the bottom of the right page, part of the Aliexpress washi tapes from Sowmya.

Next is my monthly overview! On the very left is my done list; as you may already know, I have a done list to keep me reminded that I did actually do some things this month and didn’t sleep through all of July. These were filled out by mid-month, though, so I could probably add some more, but I left it like this and added some stuff to August. On the month days, I put blog and videos that were supposed to go up; the ones that went as scheduled are marked with an X and the ones that didn’t aren’t marked… I moved some to August, but I totally failed the My Recencies posts and newsletter.

The stickers on this page aren’t a lot, but the three at the top are all from the Recollections holiday sticker book, and the one at the bottom is from the Target dollar section, and go with the stickers from the cover pages. The post-its are from Daiso, they were very long and I cut them into fourths to get them to fit inside the days.

As promised in my last flip thru, I’m going to talk about the last week of June and July here, even though the planner put this at the end of June. Because this week is mostly July, I would’ve put this into my July spread if I was making this planner. But anyway, this was a bright, stars and stripes spread, because Sunday was Independence Day here in the states. Independence Day isn’t my favorite holiday, but I do like the colors here. The stickers were are all from Recollections, and I liked that they used a light blue for the blue instead of the navy blue that is on the flag. It makes the page feel brighter.

Here is the week of the 5th; I really love this lime green color, and it goes so well with the yellow Platinum ink! All the stickers on this spread are from the Recollections Holiday sticker book. I got my new computer this week and I spent a lot of time taking down my old computer and putting up my new one. So happy with it right now! I also worked on blog and Youtube stuff. Plus, Taylor and I cleared out our storage unit so that’s a weight off of my shoulders!

Moving on to the week of the 12th; another cheerful red-white-and-blue colored spread, this time featuring stripes! I love stripes… I worked a lot on finishing my old mini memory keeping notebook and starting up a new one, plus I had a very social weekend. Again, all of these stickers are from the Recollections Holiday sticker book.

Moving on, here’s the week of the 19th: this is the week that my workload increased, so I just did a mindset goal and decorated with stickers. The stickers highlighted here are all from the Recollections holiday sticker book, and the rest of these stickers are all from a different Target dollar section sticker book. This one had a bunch of cute fruits and also dog-and-cat stickers. I tried making them relate somehow, but I was also just worked on getting rid of the stickers. This sticker collection is also a couple years old.

Here’s the last week of July. I’m still getting my legs under me, getting used to my new workload. So, it’s another sticker week. I was updating notebooks this week, this planner and both the old mini notebook and the new one as well. Here are all the Recollection holiday stickers. And here are all the stickers from the third Target book, the one with the fruit and cats and dogs. I did end up using up all my stickers from that book, so here on Sunday, I have a sticker from yet another Michaels Recollections sticker book, this specific one was from the Exercise sticker book. I assume its also didcontinued.

That’s everything from July, I really liked decorating with stickers, however, I don’t like being unproductive, so I’m working on getting back into the mode of working after work. I knew I was going to be busier, but it was much busier than I had expected, so I was definitely overrun.

Anyway, thanks for taking this journey with me everyone! It’s been a tough month; overall, I had an okay month, it was less productive than I thought, but it wasn’t bad!

Thanks for watching everyone!

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