Planner Flip Thru: June 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, it’s Carmen I’m back with another flip thru of my Cloth and Paper planner, this month is for June!

For my cover page, I went full collage! I printed pictures from June, as well as movies and TV shows that I watched, and tried to arrange them nicely on the page. I added some washi tape and thus, my June cover page. This was fun to do, but I don’t think I’ll do this every time, I don’t like decorating my cover page after the month is over, but for special occasions, it’s nice!

Next up is my notes and goals spread: On the left, I started by writing the pens and inks used during the month in my planner, and wrote out goals and my blog idea layout at the bottom there. On the right, I put up my personal goals and added some items to my running to do list. Honestly, I am really bad at coming back to this page during the course of the month, even though I have the little page flag there. I think if I was using a planner, I would’ve moved this around so I could see it on each page. I may create something so I can move these things around, because I would like to have them.

Next up is my monthly calendar. Of course, on the left, is my Done List. If you’ve been watching my flip thru videos, then you know I like to keep a done list as a reminder of all the things I finished during the course of the month. On the calendar are blog posts or videos that I planned for June; I just put an X on them once they were finished. I don’t like to revisit this page too often, but I do like writing on my done list when I remember to!

Here is, what I would consider as the first week of June. Last month, I didn’t go over this week yet, because it was mostly June, but the planner put it before the June monthly page. I used my brand new yellow fountain pen, and boy is it bright! It’s not super legible from far away, but it looks quite nice up close. I don’t often use black as the header, so this was a nice change of pace for me. Plus, the sticker color theme was sky blue and lime green, so I thought yellow was a nice touch. In terms of what I did this week, it was a short week, with Memorial Day. I accidentally lost track of time and watched a lot of movies; did anyone else watch that stupid movie with Mark Wahlberg on Netflix? DON’T.

Now, we’re at the second week of June, which is back in the June section. I love this scheme; it just reminds me of cute 80s palettes, and it’s just so colorful! As a reminder, all my planner stickers in here are from an old Recollections sticker book I bought a couple years ago. If it’s not from this sticker book, I will let you know! This week, I crocheted a lot, and I recorded my Chatty Crochet With Me vlog. I also had some technology troubles, which made me do some serious retail therapy.

The third week of June now; back to yellow! I thought this color also matched really well with this pastel-y pink and sky blue. This time, I went back to yellow for the headers, and black for the information. This did make it a lot easier to read in passing. This week was really hot, so I didn’t crochet, but we did a couple of laps around the mall and watched a movie (thanks air-conditioning). I also got vacation ready, cutting my hair, and getting my mani-pedi on.

The fourth week of June: here’s a red spread! I’ll be honest, I didn’t get a lot of work done this week; I played a solo journaling game called Accomplice because I was running late on it, and I was going on my mini vacation on the weekend, so my mind was very occupied!

Half-June and half July for this last week; usually, I would put this in my July month, since this week is more July than it is June, so I’ll just show a preview of it now and talk about it next month. Hope everyone one of my fellow Americans had a good long weekend (if you got Monday off, like me) and let me know what you thought of this video!

Thanks for watching everyone!

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