Today is Juneteenth, and it is now a national holiday! (Even though a bunch of states want to make it harder for Black people to vote…. but we’re not going to talk about that today.) I don’t think I’m qualified to teach you about Juneteenth but basically it marks the day the very last state, Texas, ended slavery (two years AFTER the Civil War), so it is considered by many to be the end of slavery in the United States.

I first learned about Juneteenth in 2019, when I was looking up a bunch of art festivals for Taylor and I to go to. I saw this as an art festival in a couple of places in the Bay Area, the biggest one of course being Oakland. That was when I first looked up what Juneteeth was, and what it represented. I made some journaling cards, to help celebrate, to help practice anti-racism, to reflect on yourself what Juneteenth means to you.

You can view the cards at their product page:

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