Link Pile: Breakin’ my back just to look at this link pile

I like putting lyrics as subtitles to my link piles, but I was kind of stressing out about putting ones that make sense. Then I realized I didn’t have to, that this was my blog and I’ll do what I want!

Anyway, here are some Reddit links from end of April and the beginning of May! There’s a lot of journaling and bullet journal spreads this time!

Journals, Notebooks & Planners

  • Journal Spread While Having An Artblock – I love the way this looks, and honestly, if this is a spread during an artblock, I wanna see spreads where your creativity is unbounded!
  • Mood – Honestly, mood.
  • True Junk Journal – I’m completely fascinated by junk journals and I love the idea and aesthetic of using what you have to make art through journaling.
  • Mental Health Awareness Month – Amazing looking spread with lots of layering and textures.
  • Purpleness – What gorgeous brush strokes on that watercolor page! I love the simplicity.
  • Curse Words Art Journal Entry – Haha! I love this idea because I love curse words! This spread is #^@*!&% great!
  • A Stormy Day Spread – What a cute ideal for a spread! I love the droplets and the little clouds!
  • A Completely New Style – This style is super cute; I love blobs and then outlines of blobs. The bright colors really make it pop!
  • May Calendar – I love the kraft paper and the wavy border!
  • Collage-esque Theme for May – I love this spread because it gives me hope as a non-drawer also!
  • June Setup – I love these stickers and the design of this spread. Gorgeous and minimalist!
  • Mood And Medication Tracker – This tracking idea is such a good one! I love that it tracks two things at the same time, and I’m sure it will make the final spread super cute!
  • Simple Drawing Plus Brush Lettering – This is such a cute idea! I want to recreate it with stickers!
  • Grid Help in New Bujo – This video is so soothing to look at, and watching that handwriting? That was very satisfying.
  • A Cute Thing – So adorable! I am really craving a good crawfish boil now…
  • Went Full Pepe Silvia Conspiracy – This is an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference, which I’m not a huge fan of, but Taylor likes it and showed me this episode. I liked this episode!
  • Minimal Weekly Overview – What a lovely, minimalist weekly overview!
  • May 1980s and Dutch Doors – I really like dutch doors, it’s such a great solution to a spread! This one’s got cute decorations and is on kraft paper.
  • Dutch Door Spread – This dutch door spread is so minimal and soft! Very cute.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Themed Page – Taylor is the DnD person, but I love looking at spreads relating to the subject, tracking for the campaigns, anything having to do with journaling interests me I suppose!

Pens, Stickers, & Other Stationery

  • Some Might Say – I also love purple! I am really tempted to get that lavender Kaweco…
  • Sticker Tarot Deck – Super cute!! I wanted little stickers to mark the cards I pull on my daily readings, but these look like they would be more for cover stickers!

Drawing, Sketching & Traditional Mediums

  • A Ballpoint Pen Self-Portrait – What a great self-portrait!
  • Drew Me Some Birches – I love the simplicity of this drawing but also that you can tell what they are right away!
  • Emotional Series Of Head Sketches – These sketches are so beautifully done, the emotion is captured perfectly on paper.
  • Bird’s Eye View – I LOVE perspective drawings! I like the angle on this one it’s great!
  • Enchantment – This is so gorgeous, I honestly didn’t know you could do this photorealism with oil pastels!
  • Fun Experiment With Neon Colours and Oil Pastels – This is such an adorable kitty illustration, the experiment was a total success!
  • Checker Cat – What a sweet looking cat, and made with color pencils!
  • The Colors of the Colombian Flag – I love the color choices and the simple floral design. What a joy to look at!
  • Architectural Painting – With perspective drawings, I also love architectural art, it’s just so pleasing to look at!
  • Little Creation – What a joyful, happy spread! I love the colors and the patterns on the flowers!
  • Cardinals – I love the simplicity of the birds! And yet (I’ll say it again) you can totally tell what they are right away!)
  • Sadness – Such cute yet sad doodles! Adorable and melancholy!
  • Brush Pen Sketch – This really makes me want to get a refillable brush pen… but I have enough disposable ones to last me a lifetime…
  • High Plains Drifter – This guy is always absolutely stunning with his posts! This was made with TWO ink colors and bleach! Fastinating!
  • Mesmerizing Little Page – I love simple doodles that make patterns that take up a page! This must have been so satisfying and meditative to do!

Graphic Design & Digital Mediums

  • “Anatomically Correct” Musical Instruments – I wanted to put this here because this is such a great showcase on the process of making stickers! And with a Cameo too, after my own heart!
  • 12 Minimal Star Wars Posters – I really love this design, and what’s absolutely bonkers is this guy is only a junior (and goes to my old high school)! I wish this guy much luck.
  • Ethan Becker Inspired – I love the attitude this character brings, what a great look and nice colors on this as wel!

Crochet, Cross Stitch & Crafting Arts

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