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Link Pile: This Ain’t a Scene, it’s a Fairly Large Link Pile

It’s been a while, so here’s a huge link pile from March and April!

Crochet, Cross Stitch & Crafts

  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione Amigurumi – Look at these super adorable Harry Potter amigurumi of the young trio! Absolutely love this style.
  • Little Crochet Dino – This little brachiosaurus-like dinosaur is so cute, I love the eye they used!
  • Animal Crossing Pillows – I’ve never wanted to crochet a pillow more than after seeing these! I love Celeste, this is too cute!
  • Rose Bulbasaur – What an adorable little Bulbasaur! I love that fans are making different versions of Bulbasaur, they’re great!
  • Amigurumi Falafel – I really love crocheted food, this one is the first one I’ve seen that is falafel. So cute!
  • Suit for a Cold Shark – I love customizing your existing stuffed animals with crochet! What a great idea! The bow tie is just the perfect detail!
  • Moisturize Me – I always love crafts for Doctor Who character Lady Cassandra – so recognizable and amazing!
  • Strawberry Mooshie Plushie – This is such a sweet little strawberry cow!
  • Papercraft 65 Birthday Sign – Wow, what an amazing project! I loved this before it was spray-painted, but that golden 65 just looks amazing!
  • Papercraft Turtle – I love mutli-layered framed papercrafts! This one looks amazing, I love this turtle design.
  • 3D Abstract Papercraft – This multi-layered papercraft looks just like something I’d want to do and hang up on my walls. It looks amazing!
  • Snail Skull – This craft is so amazing! I love the look of the design, and the colors are just amazing for this guy!
  • Rainbow Cardigan – These two rainbow clothing looks are amazing! I love rainbows, this one looks so cozy and warm!
  • Rainbow Jumpsuit – I usually don’t like tie-dye (I have an a dip-dyed dress I made myself that I love) but this one is just amazing! I think it might be the ice dying, because it creates those beautiful cloudy looks.

Doodles, Illustration, and Graphic Design

  • Geometric Composition – I love geometric designs, and this one is no exception. I love the mixed media aspect, and all the lines.
  • Urban Sketching of Mini Figures – The figures are so cute! And this minimalistic style of the drawing is just up my alley.
  • Prague Plein-Air – The look and the detail of the windows really give me this amazing retro yet futuristic vibe.
  • She Just Wanted to Go Home – Drawn in response to the death of Sarah Everard. I just really like it and believe in its message.
  • Light and Shadow – This study of light and shadow is amazing!
  • Dog Circles – What an amazing drawing exercise! I love the idea of making abstract shapes and using them to draw things.
  • Inspirational Poster – I really like the spherical way the phrase circled the light pole, it looks amzing!
  • Clear Octopus Sticker – Taylor loves octopi, and this one is just amazing on clear sticker backing! Looks great.
  • Purple Dream – What an amazing illustration! I love the color scheme and the slightly eerie vibe you get from it.

Journals, Notebooks & Planners

  • Reading Notes – As usual, I love khimtan’s post (my current flip thrus are inspired by his videos). I would love to take notes on books and have them look like this!
  • March Title Page – A gorgeous impressionist style title page for March. Just beautiful!
  • Star Trek Theme – I also really like this Star Trek theme! The lettering for the month looks amazing.
  • Lava Lamp Vibes – I love the simplicity of this layout! This is something I feel like I could do.
  • Quarterly Check-In – I always like monthly, or in this case, quarterly, review layouts. This one is so cheerful!
  • 2020 TV and Movies – The multimedia part of this journaling is amazing; I really love the way they incorporated pictures and colors in their spreads. I want to do something similar!
  • Time Blocking – I love seeing time blocking spreads! This one is really detailed because it’s for the morning.
  • Squirtle Squad – Here are two Pokémon spreads by the same creator! These are both great because it’s mostly simple with a small illustration. I love the graffiti headers for this one!
  • Pokemon/Jaws – And I’m biased, because Psyduck is one of my favorite Kanto Pokémon, so I love this one!
  • Overheard in NYC – I like this idea for a spread for a journaling page! One of my favorite podcasts does overheards too 🙂
  • Retro DnD Journal – After this post, I started following this creator on Instagram! I don’t play tabletop roleplaying games, but Taylor does, and this creator makes me want to join too…
  • Stamp and Watercolor – I really love this creator’s style. This post really gives me a neon 80s feel.
  • 4 Million Emails – This post always makes me think that those hands are real I love the half-artsy, half-journaling layout.
  • Magical Tag – I really like the stamps and colors on this post; it gives me a great 70s feel.
  • Two Column Journaling – This is the second instance I have seen for two column journaling, and I’m totally going to start doing that in my daily journal too. It makes journaling looks so professional!

My Posts

  • New Pen Day for my Real Life Cake Day – Taylor got me this amazing, beautiful Conklin Endura Abalone Shell/Gunmetal pen for my birthday, and I had to share it. I requested it because it matches our abalone engagement rings!

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