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Link Pile: Not Another Link Round Up

Honestly, the only things I’ve been doing all week have been packing, crocheting, and listening to podcasts, so here are some more Reddit posts that I really liked.

Crochet, Cross Stitch, & Crafts

Drawing, Illustration, & Graphic Design

  • Fish Drawings: This made me laugh out loud; I love the humor behind it and they’re just amazing recreations of the original paintings.
  • Pulp Fiction Poster: This looks so good for their “first attempt”, I really love the color scheme!
  • Gilbert and Timothy: I love the style that this illustrator has, and the texture looks so good!
  • Moonlit Drink: This looks amazing! I love the animation, I love the textures, I love the 3D effect.
  • That’s All Folks!: This is so mesmerizing to watch, and the way that the person finishes the phrase, I wish I could be this good one day!
  • At Home: Urban sketching at home is one of my favorite things from the pandemic; I want to eventually capture my house and Taylor’s apartment before we move so that I can remember the before times. We’ll see if I get around to doing that! (Doubt.)

Journals, Notebooks, & Planners

  • Bird Monthly Spread: I don’t usually like birds, but this spread is so cute! I especially love how the person did the boxes for the calendar. Super colorful and creative!
  • Weight Log Spread: I love the aesthetics of this page! I especially like the scales and the pink highlight underneath. Really cute!
  • Hand Drawn Spread in Book Journal: I love this idea, of drawing the book covers yourself and putting them in a book journal. I really want to do this for my book journal!
  • Mental Health Journal notes: I love this post for two reasons. One, the person is planning on dedicating an entire notebook to their mental health and I really applaud that, and two, the notes look so good you guys! Straight, legible handwriting and cute, useful highlighting.

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