Makeup Monday

Makeup Monday: Concealers!

Over the past couple of years, I went from “sometimes putting eyeliner and lipstick on” to learning how to take care of your skin and how to do that with makeup. I just wanted to share the love for all things beauty and skin-care related. Let me know what you think!

Today I’m going to be talking about concealers! These are some concealers I use or have used, and then I’ll share some on my wishlist! I actually only started using concealer a short time ago, and I wasn’t even sure I was using it correctly until I watched more makeup tutorials. I didn’t think this list would be very long, but it’s not a short list either!

Makeup Monday: Concealers
Makeup Monday: Concealers
  1. Laura Mercier – Secret Camoflauge: I got this product as a newbie and had no idea what I was doing. (I still have it and occasionally use it but I still have no idea what I’m doing.) I like using it on days I feel more fancy because it was pretty expensive for me. Sometimes I like to contour with it, I think it conceals pretty well, I’m just more used to using a liquid rather than a creme to conceal with. I use this with a BeautyBlender usually.
  2. Evelyn Iona – Natural and Organic Concealer: I got this in a Birchbox, and I really liked it! I was sad to use it all up. This was also a very creamy concealer, but I would usually wet my concealer brush before dipping into this so I think that worked very well.
  3. Amazing Cosmetics – Amazing Concealer: I got this as a sample from Sephora, and there wasn’t a lot in the sample, but this was the first liquid I ever used and I really liked it! It had amazing coverage and it lasted all day, even without a finishing powder (this was before I used finishing powder). I wish I could afford a whole tube.
  4. Maybelline – Fit Me Concealer: My only drugstore item! I only just got this a couple weeks ago (you can see my Haul video here). I really like it, I don’t think it stays that well, I think I should layer this with maybe my Laura Mercier one, but it brightens well, I think, and it blends well.

Here is my small wishlist! As I stated in my last Makeup Monday post, I’m not sure if I want to go cruelty-free or not, but I did separate my wishlist into cruelty-free and non-cruelty-free brands. These are items that I most want to try (there are more on my wishlist, but these are the top 3. They are listed from least expensive to most expensive!

Cruelty-Free Brands

  • NYX: I just love NYX and the fact that it’s a drugstore brand and that it’s cruelty-free. I’d like to try the HD Concealer Wand and the Gotcha Covered Concealer.
  • Tarte: I want almost all these products. The most expensive being the Aquacealer Concealer and that being the item I want the most. I just love the packaging and branding of tarte so much. I want it!
  • IT Cosmetics: There is a short list of brands that impressed me, and one of the brands on that list is It Cosmetics. I loved their CC Cream and would love to try this Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer. Doesn’t hurt that it’s SPF 50!

Non-Cruelty-Free Brands

  • Maybelline: There are other Maybelline concealers I’d like to try. The SuperStay Better Skin Concealer seems to be a favourite among the beauty gurus I follow, and so is the Instant Age Rewind Eraser (but I will admit, the applicator is what’s scaring me off…)
  • benefit cosmetics: I want to try a lot of these, but mostly the boi-ing full coverage concealer. I haven’t used a lot from benefit, but I just like the look and sound of it. Boi-ing!
  • Amazing Cosmetics: I know I’m cheating a little bit with this list, but this one is the Hydrate concealer that they carry. I can only assume it’s awesome because I love the other one so much but I’ve never used a concealer stick before!

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