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Planner Flip Thru: March 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and I’m here with my March Flip Thru!

Here is my overview page for March, with all my goals and to-dos. I’ll be upfront with you, I was much more unmotivated this month than last month. I moved, my car was crashed into (no one was in the car, everyone is okay), and I kinda just lost all my steam. As you can see, I moved all my plans to April, including goals and blog posts. I did keep up with my freebie downloads, which I’m proud of.

Here is my monthly overview. I didn’t even finish my March blanket yet, so I couldn’t add that to my done list. 🙁

Here I’ll start on my weekly spreads. The first week of March was moving week. Taylor and I took the week off to unpack, and oh boy did we need it. I did not use my planner this week, even though I had planned on it…oops? I actually filled this out on the weekend from memory.

Second week of March: I spent catching up on crochet and unpacking. I tried my best at time-blocking, because it seems to work best for my attention span.

Third week of March: I spent more time crocheting and working on my time-blocking. Unfortunately, this is also the week that my car was hit. This is ultimately when I lost my motivation to work on the blog and videos.

Fourth week of March: I didn’t even fill this out until the week after. I was just very unmotivated all week because of my car being in a crash (again, no one was in the car, and no one was hurt). I was afraid it was going to be totaled and unsalvageable. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Half week of March and April: it was my birthday week! I’m usually on a high during my entire birthday month, but that was not the case this week. I think it was a combination of the car crash and quarantine fatigue. It was a slow week and I just wanted it to be over.

And that’s it! Let me know March went for you guys! I am recording this the day before it comes out (April 5th) and I’m already more motivated today than all of last week combined. I do still have to finish that March blanket, though!

Thanks for watching everyone, bye!

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