Planner Flip Thru: May 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and here’s my May flip-thru of my Cloth and Paper planner!

First, I decorated my May Cover page a little, just some cute washi tape and stickers. I was going to a floral/pink theme since May is usually associated with Mother’s Day and flowers. These washi tapes are from Michaels, when I bought a bulk set, I don’t know if they had specific brands associated with them, and the stamp sticker in the corner is from Sowmya, she received it in the mail as one of those free promos, this one is from Easterseals, a nonprofit organization. The flower stickers are by Sticker King, I bought them on Etsy from the store iluvdesign, which I’ll link in the description. It’s nice to have a decorated cover page!

The next spread is my goals and to-do list. My motivation waned a little in May, it felt like a constant uphill battle. I had to come to terms with things I wanted to do in my free time and things I needed to do in my free time. I definitely need to do more time-blocking so I’m going to start that up again during June. I may have taken too much on at the same time, so I’ll need to do some cutting to see what I will need to cut down on my blog and Youtube Channel. This month, the fountain pens used were Pilot Kakuno, F nib, inked with J. Herbin Rouge Opera, one of my favorite pink inks, and Lamy Safari, EF nib, inked with J. Herbin Vert Empire. The black is an Ikea gel pen.

The next spread is the monthly spread. I didn’t update my Done List until this past weekend, but if this is your first time watching one of my monthly flip thru videos, then basically I keep a Done list as a reminder that I am actually doing something productive, and it helps keeps me positive. On the calendar are blog posts or videos that I post, they’re cut up page flags from Daiso, and some of them don’t have a sticky backing to them, so they’re stuck on with repositionable tape, like washi tape.

Okay, weekly spreads time! This first spread, May 3-9 – a dark pink theme. All of these stickers are from an old Recollections sticker book. During this week, I finished my April blanket, and I am very happy with it! It was also Mother’s Day weekend, I hope all the mothers out there had a good day! My mom had just had her second COVID vaccination shot, so we just stayed in and I brought over some good noodle soup. Let me know what you guys did during Mother’s Day weekend! Were you guys vaxxed and brunching yet?

Second Weekly Spread, May 10-16. A nice lime green spread. This week was a lot of blog and video work, and I put my standing desk together! It is fabulous! I also got my second shot this week, and as of this recording I’m fully vaccinated! I didn’t have too many symptoms, like my mom, I was just really, really tired. The day after I was vaccinated, I went into work, and as soon as I got home from work, I slept for 10 hours until the next morning. How did you guys do with your second shot?

Third weekly spread, May 17-23. Another nice lime green spread. This is the week I started waning a little bit, it was a lot of planning to do things but not following up. This week I also had my first post-vaccination no-mask BBQ since the pandemic! All of my friends who were there were already vaccinated, so we were okay to be unmasked. It was so nice to see my friends faces!!! And HUG THEM!!!

Fourth weekly spread, May 24-30. A cute, varied pink spread! I like mixing the colors of pinks and reds, and they all look great with Rouge Opera. As you can see, I’m only part way through this week, but this week I definitely made an effort to hunker down and get things done. Also, it’s been two weeks since my second shot, so Taylor and I celebrated by walking out and getting dessert!

So technically, this planner put May 31-June 6 before June’s monthly spread, but if this were my Bullet Journal, I would’ve stuck this in June, since this week is more June than it is May. So I’m just going to talk about this week during my June flip-thru. But here’s a good example of how all my spreads look before they’re filled out! I had put all the stickers in a long, long time ago, back in February, so it’s definitely nice to open each week and be surprised by what past-Carmen deemed this week’s theme to be.

Anyway, that’s all for May’s flip-thru! Please let me know what you think, and what you would like me to talk about! Thanks for watching, everyone!

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