Monthly Scrapbook: April 2016

I’m on vacation! This is a pre-scheduled blog post for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think!

The month has gone by so now it’s time for the Monthly Scrapbook!

Here’s an explanation of the pictures!

  • Top Left – Sydd! Hello again Sydd! I took care of Sydd in February, and my friend Joanna went on a short vacation so I got to see Sydd again for a couple days!
  • Top Right – BBQ Prep! We had a BBQ for Harry and I’m usually in charge of the vegetables, so I got bored and wanted to take pictures of these gorgeous bell peppers I bought! I love it when they’re cut and cleaned like this!
  • Bottom Left – Jello Shot Syringes! It was my co-worker Melanie’s birthday and she went to Dave and Busters to celebrate! A lot of her family and friends were there, and she was nice enough to invite some co-workers as well! It was the first time I got the jello shot syringes from there; they were really good!
  • Bottom Right – Kalea! This is Kalea! This is one of Taylor’s two dogs, and this one is the weirder one; she’s such a tiny dog! We had to walk them one day because his family was out of town, so we took them out and Kalea was super hyper the entire time.

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