Monthly Scrapbook: February & March 2016

The month has gone by so now it’s time for the Monthly Scrapbook!

I’m way late for February, so here’s February and March at the same time!

Here's what I was up to in February – full post in my blog later! #MonthlyScrapbook

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For February:

  • Top Left – Deadpool Pulp! As mentioned in this My Recencies post, I bought this book to cheer me up! It’s pretty good!
  • Top Right – Sydd! I took care of this little lady for about half of February! She was my gal pal!
  • Middle – Deadpool! Yay, Deadpool came out and I was SUPER excited!
  • Bottom Left – Cyn’s Birthday Cake! My coworker’s daughter had her birthday in a trampoline house (I didn’t get to bounce) and this was her cake!
  • Bottom Right – Valentine’s Day Selfie! Self explanatory! This is me and my lovely boyfriend Taylor on Valentine’s 🙂

Here's what I was up to in March! Full post on my blog coming up for my #MonthlyScrapbook

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For March:

  • Top Left – Delicious Brunch! I mentioned this briefly on a My Recencies post, I went to brunch with a couple of my friends and I had this delicious brunch and I was so full, I ate it all!
  • Top Right – Editing Myself! I recorded and edited a video (it’s up on YouTube now!) and it was awful… I kept messing up and probably spent an hour recording a 12 minute video. Fun talking about my purchases though!
  • Bottom Left – Gorgeous Orchids! I went to a local orchid show, and all the orchids were gorgeous! I liked all the award winners, but I also enjoyed all the orchids that were available for sale!
  • Middle Right – Dying Eggs! My friend Julie and I try to dye eggs for Easter every year, and this is the result from this year! We experimented a lot so it was extra fun this year!
  • Bottom Right – Birthday Dinner! My birthday is at the end of March, and Taylor and I went to sushi! It was delicious!

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