Monthly Scrapbook: July 2016

The month has gone by so now it’s time for the Monthly Scrapbook

Here’s an explanation of the pictures!

  • Top Left – Sowmya, Tanya, and Cindy! I met and recorded with Sowmya’s friends, Tanya and Cindy! It was so much fun!
  • Top Right – Diana’s Japan Souvenir! My lovely friend Diana went to Japan and she got me this awesome face mask with Iron Man and Captain America!
  • Middle – Green Lipstick! I love this green lipstick I got from Colourpop. You can watch my video review here!
  • Bottom Left – Sowmya and Kat! I met and recorded with Sowmya’s coworker Kat! It was also a lot of fun meeting her! Sowmya has amazing friends, including yours truly 😉
  • Bottom Right – Monterey! Taylor and I went to Monterey, it was so much fun! I love Monterey 😀

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