Monthly Scrapbook: May 2016

The month has gone by so now it’s time for the Monthly Scrapbook!

Here’s an explanation of the pictures!

  • Top Left – Vacation Trip! Here we are in Universal on the first day! If you want to read a recap, you can go here, or if you want to watch me talk about it, you can go here!
  • Top Right – Karaoke Night! Some of my co-workers and I went karaoke-ing. It was so fun!
  • Middle – River Clean-Up! My lovely friend Julie and I spent a Saturday morning cleaning up a local river! It was actually pretty fun and we had a good time!
  • Bottom Left – Taiwan Treats! My mom came back from Taiwan and she bought these souvenirs for me! Washi tape and pens; love it!
  • Bottom Right – My littlest cousins! Hadn’t seen these two buggers in so long! They got so big! *___*

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