Moving Checklist Printable

So, here’s a short story: Taylor, my future-husband, and I found out we were going to be moving into a new place within the month! And then almost immediately, moving anxiety and panic set in. I had never moved house before; I had moved to a dorm, but this would be the first time I would be moving all my possessions out.

To calm myself down, I searched online for everything I needed to do before moving, and made myself a checklist. It’s a shortened list, and I made it on Notion and made some changes before exporting to PDF, but if you need a short little checklist, here you go!

Page 2 also has a place to write down all the expenses that you’ll be spending on the move, like cleaning supplies, moving guys, boxes, etc.

If you use Notion, you can also find the original template that I made here to copy to your own Notion! (Just click on Duplicate in the top right corner.)

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