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So, you may have seen on social media recently, but I posted a prototype of one of my inserts that’s going to be released in my shop soon! Here is my Instagram post:

I’m days away from finishing up my shop! I started by trying the 14 Day Product Challenge on Gumroad (which is no longer available). I’ve quite liked it, and almost made it, but I’m a couple days off now, and I’m probably going to be a week or so late. I work full-time, though, and I take a break on Sundays to have a personal day, so it’s hard to work on this all the time. However, it’s a great checklist for all the things that you may need to do before opening a shop!

I’ve done so much these past couple of weeks and am still not done yet. I’ve revamped the shop and thrown my freebies over there now. You will have to have an account to “buy” the freebies (which cost $0) and they will show up in your downloads. I’ve set up my newsletter (finally) and have it set up for subscriber exclusive sales and coupons, so sign up for an extra opening week coupon!

However, my goal is to have the paid items up on the shop this Friday, February 4th! So I’m making it official! And to make it extra special today, I have a new freebie up over there now, it’s the meal planning worksheet. You can see a preview of that below:

I’ve also posted a preview of one of the designs on the shop Instagram!

Again, if you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll be sending you a subscriber exclusive coupon for this first week, and there will be subscriber exclusive sales in the future! You’ll also be able to get a sneak peek of all the designs on Thursday, February 3rd. You click to sign up below!

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