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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

You guys ever had that one really bad month, where you just can’t seem to find your footing, or even your motivation, and it feels like one bad hit after another?

Well, that’s how March felt for me.

If you watched my March Flip Thru, I talk about some of the things below briefly, but since this is my blog, I want to talk about it a little bit more.


First, it was moving. Wow, moving sucks, huh? So much so, that I wrote a post about it, you can read it here! It’s a more in-depth look at my moving situation. It’s April, and I’m still wondering where I put this specific knick-knack and what I did with it in the move. I never, ever want to do that again, but I know I have to and it sucks.


Then, my March crochet blanket that I just finished last week! Ugh, I had such good progress on my previous blankets! January’s blanket flew by and I didn’t even blink. February’s blanket I had to frog twice, but I actually made it over a weekend.

But this blanket, I made it huge and it is costing me so much time and money. I frogged this one twice as well! In my Chatty Crochet With Me #16, where I am working on it, this is actually the first iteration of the blanket. I filmed that back during the second week of March, before all the bad stuff that happens later.

Again, in CCWM #17 (the video from earlier this week, which I filmed a week ago), I talk about this briefly, but I didn’t think I had enough white yarn, so I frogged and restarted it. I put the colors all together, and only used the white to separate the sets of colors. But I found this coloring too muddy and not bright enough for my tastes.

So I ordered more white yarn, frogged again, and went back to adding a white row in-between the colors, and took out one of the colors (Tranquil) and it made it look so much better. I did spend a lot more than I wanted to spend on it though, both time-wise and money-wise!

I’m very happy with it; I think it’s a great pattern with happy colors. I’m glad it’s over though!

Car Crash

So this came up in my flip-thru, but my car was in an accident. I say, “my car was in an accident” because actually no one was in my car at the time.

It was a nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon in March. I just sat down after a long lunch, put my noise-cancelling headphones on to do some work, when I hear a huge commotion and a car alarm. I don’t know about you, but when I hear a car alarm, I always go and check if it’s my car. It has never been my car… until now.

I open the door and my car has been hit, pushed up onto the curb where the dirt and grass is (not the sidewalk, mind you, neighbors could still walk on the sidewalk). I am stunned and numb.

Another thing you should know about my car, is that literally 6 months before this (in September), another car or motorcycle hit my car in the middle of the night. It was not at this location (obviously because I moved). That one was a hit-and-run, and I was furious; it was a $1000 deductible and two weeks to get my car back to its former glory. All of my anger was (and still is) aimed at a nameless individual who I hope suffers from a financial hardship.

Anyway, my car was working great until this crash. Thus, my numbness.

This crash was the result of a young teen learning how to drive with her grandpa, and I have to assume she hit the gas and not the brake when turning, and hit my car with near full force. Thankfully, they stopped and we exchanged insurance, but as of posting this, I still don’t have my car back. It has been 5 weeks! The repair shop said I would have it back soon, but it’s never soon enough!

Unmotivated and Generally Blah

Because of the car crash (and kind of due to the crocheting), I was just very unmotivated the rest of the month. I didn’t want to do anything blog related or really anything on social media. I couldn’t even get it together enough to really write in my bullet journal, which is the most surprising part for me, as I really like using that to plan my days.

I had recorded the CCWM #16 and couldn’t gather the motivation to edit it, and even on my birthday, the 29th, I couldn’t muster the strength to really celebrate, Taylor just made some delicious dinner and we had the night in.

Animal Crossing

I’ve always really wanted Carmen in Animal Crossing New Horizons (obviously). I had her as a campsite visitor early on in my play (like, last April), but I couldn’t manage to convince her to stay, so I’ve been chasing her ever since. She’s one of my goals for Forever Villager!

So, I saved up a bunch of Nook Miles and looked for her on 100 different islands, but alas, couldn’t find her, so I ended up with my 100th island character, Wolfgang. I do like the wolf villagers and I even don’t mind Wolfgang (he’s cute!) but I have 2 other cranky villagers on my island at the moment (Rolf and Vladimir), so it’s just really cranky over there I guess! Fitting for my feelings towards this March, honestly!


It’s finally April, and I feel re-energized. I’m well onto my way through my April goals, at least as far as the blog and crocheting. I’m at 2 posts a week on the blog, have now released all my videos for the month, and have all my April freebies finished! For crochet, I finally finished my March Blanket and started my April one. The April one seems to be flying by, but I’m not sure if that’s because my March one took so long.

I hope this means my funk is over, I’m looking forward to better luck in the near future!

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