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Traveling Light and My Low-Buy, No-Buy Year

I found another blog that I’m really enjoying, and that is Thoughtful Minds United. It’s a nice little blogging community with posts about blogging in general, tips and tricks, and some prompts! It was nice to find one that was still updating, because WordPress’ The Daily Post is not doing new challenges anymore.

A little tangent, but I’m a big fan of prompts. I’m subscribed to the Sketch Daily subreddit and just do a deep dive on a prompt’s comments every so often. However, I’ve yet to participate. (Gotta learn to draw, first!)

Anyway, this past Monday, the prompt was:

If you wish to travel far and light. Take off all your envies, jealousy, un-forgiveness, selfishness, and fears.

Glenn Clark

Give yourself the gift of traveling light. What thing will you strive to lose this year?

One of my little goals for myself is to, whenever I’m in the mood to buy something, I try the next thing I have in my queue for that thing. I know it’s a little confusing.

Specifically, if I’m in the mood to get a new video game, I need to start playing the next video game I have in line. Specifically for video games, my only rule is that I can buy myself Ring Fit Adventure or Fitness Boxing (1 or 2), but other than that, no new games. However, I have a HUGE backlog of games, and I can play on the Switch or the PS2 (yes, I still have games I haven’t finished from there, one specificially being Persona 4, given to me of my lovely husband-to-be), and I have some games on Itch.io and Steam as well. I was on a no-buy for video games last year, and I only broke it once, to buy Luigi’s Mansion (which, predictably, I have not finished).

Another example is if I’m in the mood for a new fountain pen or fountain pen ink, I have to switch up the pen I’ve been mainlining or swap the ink for it. Currently, I’m eyeing the Special Edition Kaweco Lavender because that is my favorite color. But I will be strong! My rule for fountain pens is my next one has to be a Japanese one (I want that extra-fine nib!) and it has to be under $200.

My last example is skin care and makeup. I was on a low-buy for this category last year as well, and I only bought some makeup during my birthday month (definitely a spending trigger for me). Most of the time, I was doing well about not spending too much on skin care, and this year, I’m only buying new things when I run out of the previous thing, eg when I’m low on cleanser (which I am, btw), then I can only look for cleanser to buy.

So, my general goal is to use up the things I currently have, so I guess I am striving to lose my collection of unplayed and unfinished video games, as well as unused ink samples. Obviously, so I can buy more in 2022 😉

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