Weekly Geek Out #6: Carmen

Over on We’re The Worst podcast, we started a vlog series called Weekly Geek Out on our YouTube Channel. Basically, we talk about something we like that week. Give us a watch and let us know what you think!

Here’s the sixth one! In it, I talk about the vacation I had (yes, the one one posted about here) and I talk about all the awesome things! For some reason, I completely forgot to talk about the cute dogs but almost everything else I talked about in the vacation is there. So if you want to watched me talk about it instead of reading it, your wish has been granted!

Some BTS information: I bought my mom an awesome lighting kit for her  camera and I used it to film. It was pretty easy to set up, so I’m glad that happened!

You can see Sowmya’s video post here or you can listen to the full audio of both vlogs here.

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