How to Make Your Own Sticky Note Template

If you want to learn how to make your own sticky note template like the ones I have for free here, follow the steps below!

  1. Click on the Sticky Note Google Slides Template. Go to File > Make A Copy > Entire Presentation. This will copy this into your own Google Drive. If you don’t use Google Drive and use Powerpoint or Keynote instead, you can go to File > Download > Microsoft Powerpoint to get a Powerpoint version. Most of this tutorial should be the same with either application, but I’m not too familiar with Powerpoint to confirm. Sorry!
  2. Leave Slide 1 alone, and go straight to Slide 2 to edit. Put whatever you want in the little boxes! I added guides that you can snap to, which you can see by going to View > Guides > Show Guides. If you don’t like them, go through the same process to turn them off. Everything that fits in the boxes will be printed onto the sticky note!
  3. Be wary of margins! Printers may move the printing slightly by a couple of millimeters. Make sure you don’t put anything too close to the edge, or it may get cut off!
  4. After you are done editing Slide 2, right click on the slide and choose Apply Layout > Blank. This is important, as it will turn off the square template background, so it will not print the squares again. I forgot to turn them off, and it printed the template with the squares onto my sticky note!

If you want to learn how to print these templates out, feel free to download one of the free templates, any one of the templates has a free “How To Print Sticky Note Templates” PDF.