Sticky Note Bookmark Printable Template


Printable bookmark for your 3″ Sticky Notes.


Printable bookmark for your 3″ Sticky Notes.

You will receive:

  • One downloadable PDF
  • The PDF has two pages: one with cutting instructions and one without cutting instructions.
  • The pages are set up to print on an 8.5×11 (letter-sized) sheet.
  • Each page prints out two bookmarks; one bookmark will fit two sticky notes, the other bookmark has one sticky note.


  • You can use this bookmark to put your sticky notes on this, if you are weird (ahem, particular) like me and need to have these precisely placed.
  • Just place your sticky notes on the squares; they are a little bit smaller than 3″ just to make sure they fit on top and you can’t see the square peeking out underneath.

Additional information

Print Page Size

Letter (8.5×11)

Custom Printing Instructions

There are two pages to the PDF, one with the "Cut & Discard" and one without.

Print the first page, the one without the "Cut & Discard", on whichever paper or cardstock that you and your printer likes.

The second page, the one with the "Cut & Discard", is just to show you which segments to discard. You can also print this page out instead of the first page, but I wanted to save you a little bit of ink.


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